Below are the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not addressed here, please feel free to contact Taliferrue Cathaldus in game or via comment on this page.

What is We Love to Blog?
We Love to Blog (WLTB) is an in-world Second Life group for bloggers to review items from WLTB Designers.

How do I join?
If you are interested in joining please read the rules and fill out the appropriate application for the role you wish to fill. Please understand we are a very dedicated group and will expect you to follow all the rules.

Help I have a problem! Who do I contact?
Please direct all questions to Taliferrue Cathaldus in game or leave a comment on this page.

Who owns the group?
WLTB is owned by Katlene Niven & AnneAalyce Maertens
All Questions are directed to Taliferrue Cathaldus, WLTB Manager.

How do I get access to posting on the blog?

Access to post is only available to members of the WLTB in-world group. You can apply to join through the applications on the navigation bars on this site. If you are already a member of WLTB's in-world group. Please send a note card with your SL name, a valid email address, and your blog url to Taliferrue Cathaldus in game.

Even though we report our posts here, can we still send notifications in group about our post?
Yes, you can still send notices of posts in group. Posts will only be counted toward your activity that are reported using the form on this site. No blog post tracking will be done via notices in group.

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